Our four main areas:


Resource Center conducts personnel supervision and addresses two areas of work: To activities that meet individuals or groups who are in need of behavioral change daily. These activities may include, for example, social services, the prosecution service, health care and treatment homes of various kinds.


The benefits of just your business turning to us are that you save time and money. You can feel confident that you leave the case in competent and experienced hands.


Through the years, Resource Center has gathered and linked many competent professionals and academics. Today we have access to a network of competent researchers and practitioners such as socio-economists, psychologists and therapists who participate in the education.


Resource Center conducts qualified treatment in the form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), counseling, family counseling and family-oriented interventions.

Sure, with us, you get professional support. We are supervisors, therapists, psychologists and psychotherapists. Our network has a lot of experience and broad competence. You can feel comfortable in our hands.

But that’s not the most important thing. What matters most is that you or your group on their own find the inner strength. This is the proven method of Resource Centers and, together with you, we create long-term sustainable results.

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One day’s training in assessment

6th December 2018 OR 7th February 2019

The training will treat what or which signals the interviewer / therapist should observe in the individual while the assessment call is in progress. The training will be discussed later in the day, discussing how a structured assessment interview is conducted and what issues and areas of life you will immerse yourself in during an assessment interview. READ MORE →

One-year training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in theory and practice

Course start: 31 Jan 2019 at 9:00 in Umeå.

The training will cover the theoretical as well as practical tools within a series of treatment models within CBT. Emphasis will be placed on useful knowledge and practical exercises to increase and stimulate the participant’s skills in working with people in crisis or suffering from mental health. The education will focus on learning how, through the application of CBT, you can enhance the individual’s quality of life by making sustainable choices in life. READ MORE →