The benefits of just your business turning to us are that you save time and money. You can feel confident that you leave the case in competent and experienced hands.

In a company or organization, employees, supervisors, bosses and other key players may suffer from crises, employee conflicts, alcohol and / or drug problems, as well as mental health such as depression and fatigue for private or work-related reasons.
It is important that assistance and support be put in time to prevent an unhealthy work environment. The earlier you contact us the sooner we can propose interventions that your company can benefit from.


For example, you as an employer get help with working properly with the increasingly important mental health. We offer group and organizational consultants who together with you provide work environment studies or work environment initiatives. For example, you as a private individual may help to modify or change your behaviors or lifestyle by developing yourself.

Our support makes it easier to handle stress and conflict, address threats and violence or other problems at work, but also in privacy.

But everything is not a problem. We also help to enhance job satisfaction and sense of work and we can also support a better and more balanced life.

As I said – we are professionals, but you are the most important. When you or your group find the inner strength, we also feel satisfied.

Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you or your group at no cost.

Here’s how we work:

  • Contact us about employees who are not doing well. We meet the employee and do a problem analysis as well as suggest the extent of the effort. Then we meet the employee and the supervisor in a joint meeting where we together plan make a plan. This type of visit can take up to 90 minutes and costs SEK 1100. The companies that have a Resource Center agreement pay $ 950 for this first problem orientation.
  • When the treatment is started, each session is billed for 45 minutes with 900 kr (800 kr. For the companies that have an agreement).
  • The treatment is done by both a therapist and an organizational consultant and adapted to the employee’s specific needs.
  • Our intention is that the client feels included in the intervention, so an evaluation of the action will take place after every 4-5th session. In this way, we can guarantee that the contractor’s costs of treatment are properly carried out in accordance with the planned planning.

If a whole working group suffered from a crisis or stress-related symptoms, the Resource Center has the opportunity, knowledge and competence to carry out limited or large workplace surveys or employee surveys to investigate what prevents the company, organization or workgroup from doing well.

The Resource Center has access to expertise and experience in using a variety of scientifically proven measuring instruments that focus on many dimensions of enterprise and organization.

We conduct the survey, compile data, write the report and suggest recommendations.

Please contact us via email info@resourcecenter.