Resource Center conducts personnel supervision and addresses two areas of work:
To activities that meet individuals or groups who are in need of behavioral change daily. These activities may include, for example, social services, the prosecution service, health care and treatment homes of various kinds.

The guidance provided by Resource Centers has a clinical and / or psychosocial nature, which means that our supervisors have experience in managing clinics working with patients in health care and activities that work with clients in the social services or treatment homes. Tutorial is based on a number of scientific theories within cognitive and behavioral therapy forms, system theory, extension theory and resilience. We consider that supervision is a learning forum where the participant’s reflective ability is stimulated in relation to his patient or client as well as himself. Behavioral training, reflection, roleplaying and conceptual discussion linked to case review, activities or the working group are part of the tutorial.

To companies and authorities who want to develop management systems or management to achieve a pleasant working environment. It may also involve team building and team development where the working group needs support to develop routines.

Resource Centers guidance for companies and authorities takes place at different levels based on modern organizational psychological theories.
Leadership and coaching: The supervisor receives professional counseling with regard to communication, conflict management and group psychology. The supervisor’s critical analytical skills are trained and appropriate interventions are prepared with the supervisor or management team.

Managing working groups: Sometimes a workgroup may need guidance to develop routines around a work area. The Resource Center Supervisor, in cooperation with the working group, develops an action plan, which will enable all members of the working group to work towards achieving the goals. This type of bet may take from at least 3 to 8 occasions over a period of 3 months.

Managing working groups in crisis: Working groups may end up in crisis for various reasons. High workload, occupational disputes or high stress can cause imbalance and poor health. Resource Center, based on the latest theories and tools in communication and conflict management, can help the workgroup to find a balance and work towards a healthier work environment. This type of effort may require different time depending on what caused the crisis in the working group. The most important thing is that the intervention takes place in cooperation with the supervisor or management structure.


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